1 October – World Vexillology Day


Знаме на Меѓународната федерација на вексилолошки здруженија (FIAV)The World Vexillology Day is celebrated on 1 October. The celebration of this day is starting this year, at the initiative by Scott Mainwaring and the Portland Flag Association.

1 October 1961 is called “the birth-day of modern vexillology” as it marks the day when Gerhard Grahl and Whitney Smith published the world’s first journal of flag studies. Thus, starting from this year this day is celebrated as the World Vexillology Day or Vexiday for short.

Around the world, 14 FIAV member associations have announced the celebration of Vexiday. In Georgia the First National Conference of Heraldry and Vexillology is held, the Italian vexillologists are organizing a public event at Sforza Castle in Milan, Italy, and the Croatian Heraldic and Vexillologic Association will mark the day during the Fifth National Congress of Croatian Historians in Zadar, Croatia.

Join the celebration – display your favorite flag of share it online using the hashtag #vexiday and show that you love flags.