Coat of Arms of Pope Francis


The coat of arms of Pope Francis is a blue shield depicting: a golden Sun in splendor with 32 rays inscribed with a red ‘IHS’ christogram crowned with a cross above the letter ‘H’ and three black nails beneath the ‘H’; and at the base are dis-played eight-pointed star and a spikenard flower, both gold.

The Sun with christogram is an emblem of the Pope’s order, Society of Jesus (Jesuits), the star symbolizes Virgin Mary, while the spikenard flower symbolizes Saint Joseph.

The shield is surmounted by the symbols of papal dignity – above the shield is the papal mitre, and crossed keys in gold and silver bound by a red cord behind it.

The motto of the Pope is ‘MISERANDO ATQUE ELIGENDO’, a passage taken from a homily of Saint Bede, describing how Jesus chose Saint Matthew as his disciple and in free translation it would mean: “WITH MERCY CHOSEN“.

Тhe coat of arms is an amended version of the arms Pope bears since his episcopal consecration in 1991. In its original version, as the coat of arms of Cardinal Bergoglio, at the base of the shield a silver five-pointed star and a silver spikenard flower that looks more like a grapes are displayed.