Five years of the proposal for heraldic state Coat of Arms


On 5 December 2014 the Government of the Republic of Macedonia adopted a draft law on a new state coat of arms which is heraldic and based on the Macedonian heraldic heritage.

The coat of arms consists of a red rampant lion on a golden shield and a mural five-tower crown adorned with pearls and rubies above the shield.

The basis for the composition of the coat of arms was taken from the coat of arms in the roll of arms by Jerome de Barra ‘Le Blason des Armoiries’ and its third enlarged and most famous edition from 1581, published in Lyon, France.

The emblazonment (heraldic drawing) of the coat of arms was made by Kosta Stamatovski, and Jovan Jonovski as well.

The draft law was soon to be on the agenda of a parliamentary session, but everything coincided with the start of a deep political crisis in the country, as well as with the emergence of disagreement in the Albanian political bloc over the support of the proposal, and so it never entered parliamentary procedure.