The flag above Skopje on the map of Angelino Dulcert from 1339


The oldest heraldic or vexillological record related to Macedonia that we know of so far is from 1339. It is the flag displayed above Skopje on the map made by the Italian cartographer Angelino Dulcert. The flag is a golden field with a red double headed eagle.

This flag is usually attributed to Emperor Stefan Dushan (Stefan Urosh IV Dushan Nemanjich), who ruled from Skopje, but this should be taken with caution because there are no relevant sources.

In any case, the relationship with the Emperor Stefan Dushan can be the subject of an separate heraldic or historic debate, what is obvious and unequivocal here is that the flag on the map is placed above and marks the City of Skopje (‘scopi’).

This is the first reconstruction of the flag made by a Macedonian heraldic artist. The reconstruction was published in the monograph ‘Symbols of Macedonia’ by Jovan Jonovski.