The flag of Denmark celebrates 800th anniversary


The flag of the Kingdom of Denmark, also known as ‘Dannebrog’, celebrates today its 800th anniversary.

According to the legend, on 15 June 1219, during the Battle of Lyndanisse, a decisive battle during the Livonian Crusade between Denmark and Estonia, at the time when the Danish army was on the brink of defeat, Archbishop Anders Sunesen of Lund lifted his hands to heaven and asked God for miracle. At that moment, a red flag with a white cross descended from the sky among the soldiers. Danish King Valdemar II raised the flag and led his army to victory.

Since that day it has been the flag of Denmark and is considered the oldest flag in the world.

The day is celebrated with many ceremonies and events in Denmark, as well as in Estonia and with an official visit to the Queen Margrethe II to Estonia.